Authentication Tutorial

To obtain an access token, you must authenticate via OAuth 2.0 implicit authentication.

The official specs may seem intimidating, but the process is straightforward:

1. You send your user to a URL on our server, passing us your client ID.
Don't have a client ID? You can get one here: Create Application

2. Your user will be asked to log in and authorize your application.


3. We will redirect them to the callback URL you registered when you set up your client ID.


It's highly recommended that your callback url using https.

Using the Access Token

You must make requests with your access token using the token parameter.


Alternatively, you can send your token in the X-Access-Token header.

GET /v3/groups HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: CoolApp/2.0
Accept: */*
X-Access-Token: ACCESS_TOKEN

Questions? Check out our GroupMe API Support Google Group.